Charles’ right foot SO LOADED with jiggers – watch full video and 1000s more


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People with special needs suffer the most because they cannot help themselves and those who should help are busy helping themselves and those they deem ‘normal’. It seems as though when a child is born special, their fate to neglect and being treated as second class is sealed. That’s why a huge % of those we help are special cases. Rose falls in this unfortunate category, and we hope to make a difference in her life.
We’re digging deeper and deeper into the hinterland of Africa. These are places where no celeb goes, where no main media companies venture into, and where very little government influence and support is felt. In these places, people die of very treatable diseases. Here also very strange diseases go undiagnosed, and when people die, it’s boldly said on their little eulogy paper – “died from an unknown disease”. Before they die, there’s so much pain because even getting pain meds is not easy. Some take lethal herbs without dosage prescriptions, and this exacerbates pain as it catalyzes their demise. So we finally get there, uninvited, and meet people experiencing poverty in it’s fullest wrath. The good news is that with just a little help, results are so visible within a very short time. That’s what gives us hope for these people and keeps us going back and back and back to those cut-off places, helping more and more hurting, disappointed, disenfranchised people from all ages.
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YES, WE’RE DOING IT, and we need to do more, because (the poverty) it’s deeper than you can ever imagine, and there’s no one we know/imagine who will get to them – I know this sounds a bit hopeless, but WE seem to be the ones who are chosen for this job – and by ‘WE’ I mean we at RUS and you man/woman from wherever you are in your little corner.