Jigger digging Gilbert Pablo, my son – SPECIAL DEDICATION TO DENNIS RIGGS, my DADDY


I don’t talk much in my videos because it’s not a must. Sometimes God has used my lips to communicate a few things to the listening ear. In this video as I talk about Gilbert, I also remember that I was adopted and helped by one man, MY ALL TIME HERO – Dennis Riggs from Orem Utah. I miss him – I wish he was alive today; I would spoil him with so much love and gifts! It is in honor of his legacy that I’m adopting Gilbert, and his brother David. May his soul (he was nicknamed Boggs) smile and dance in glory as he looks down and sees all the abundance of the fruits which he sacrificially sowed in me. DADDY, your labors were not in vain, your investment did not fail. Your advice came to the right soils. I miss you, I honor you, I celebrate you daily. I’m yet to meet a man who could be compared to you even in a tithe, and there’s none. Thanks Heather for being a connection that took me where I am today. You’re my sister, and I love you!

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