粉瘤 左大腿 atheroma, epidermal cyst 新宿 渋谷 上野 池袋【アイシークリニック】




・高桑 康太 医師
・佐藤 昌樹 医師


This video is showing the surgery to remove epidermal cysts from the right back.
 ※ Details of medial treatment of epidermal cysts can be found here: https://ic-clinic.com/atheroma/
 ※ Online researvation can be available here: https://ic-clinic.com/reservation/

Epidermal cysts (or atheroma) are benign tumors. They are found under the skin and formed by the accumulation of waste products such as dirt and sebum.
The initial symptoms of the disease is quite similar with acne so it can often be mistaken for acne. The most important difference between the two is that acne on the epidermis will be cured naturally, whereas epidermal cysts is not healed spontaneously because the tumors exist under the skin. In other words, some surgical treatment is required to treat the tumors.

There are maily two ways to remove them: complete surgical excision method and minimally invasive excision method.
With the conventional method (complete surgical excision method), for example, you will eventually have a scar with a size of 2 cm or more to remove 2 cm epidermal cysts. So, this method has a disadvantage of leaving a quite large and noticeable linear scar on the skin proportional to the size of the epidermal cysts. On the other hand, the minimally invasive excision method offers patients with “small and inconspicuous scars” and “short operation time”. These are the good points of this method.
iC Clinic proposes treatments using the minimally invasive excision method depending on patient’s symptoms.

Estimate of the operation cost is about 4,000 to 14,000 yen with insurance coverage and 30% burden. (The price may vary depending on the exposed part, unexposed part, size, location, and so on. Consultation fee, prescription fee, and inspection cost etc. will be also charged separately.)
Since we surgically remove epidermal cysts, it is unlikely that no scars will remain on the skin. We always suggest the minimally invasive excision method so that we can make the scars left on the skin as inconspicuous as possible. Please refrain from drinking and exercising on the day and the next day of the surgery, and taking a bath on the day of the surgery because of the possibility of bleeding. Also, some people might have side effects such as allergic symptoms with prescription drugs. We cannot say there are no possibility of the recurrence risk of the cysts at all, so your doctor will give a careful explanation at the time of your consultation.

* This video was created under the supervision of the following medical specialists in plastic surgery from Japan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
・ Dr. Kota Takakuwa
・ Dr. Masaki Sato